Popular Bay Area sandwich shop to open in Hillcrest

Ike’s Place, a San Francisco-based sandwich shop known for its irreverent menu and cult following, will open its first San Diego location in August at The Hub in Hillcrest.


Apartment in Kensington on Terrace sold

The four-unit apartment property in Kensington at 4553-4559 Terrace Drive, San Diego 92116, has been sold for $1,069,500.

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Kensington overlooks Mission Valley's southern rim with many of its homes enjoying views of the valley.  The area includes five subdivisions developed in the early part of the 20th century and named for a residential district in London. The distinctive California-Spanish style homes sit above steep slopes dedicated to open space.  The homes owe their unique aesthetics to the development firm of Davis-Baker. 

This firm had already established a strong reputation in Pasadena building when they were hired by George Forbes in 1926 to develop his land in the Kensington area.  San Diego was in one of its periodic real estate slumps in 1926 and Forbes knew he needed an improved product if his subdivision was going to succeed. 

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Offered at $895,000
Offered at $895,000
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4061 Adams Ave
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