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Started by a legislative act in 1929 to develop 11,000 feet of ocean front, Mission Bay Park was planned to be the center recreational attraction of Southern California. Among the planned projects were a refuge, feeding station, marine zoo, Naval annex, aquatic stadium and bay shore park area. Today the aquatic playground plays host to thousands of families in search of fun in the sun. Plans for continued dredging and a dream of connecting Mission Bay with San Diego Bay with a waterway are still discussed by civic leaders periodically.

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Bay Park Businesses

Abamex Auction

San Diego, CA
  • Auction Services

Architects Mosher Drew

4206 West Point Loma Blvd., Ste. 200
San Diego, CA
  • Architects
  • Interior Design
  • Sustainable
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Movie Theaters

4665 Clairemont Dr.
San Diego, CA, 92117

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2014 SpeechCraft Session

Thu, Oct 23
7:00am 8:30pm
Cafe Coyote Meeting Room
San Diego
San Diego Voyagers Toastmasters, located in the Old Town area of San Diego, announces their 2014 SpeechCraft Session! Open to all who want to improve their speaking, business communication, and leadership skills, this intensive 5-Week workshop is a proven path to success. These five once-a-week sessions will teach you how to organize and prepare your communications, as well as how to deliver it with style, verve and power.

Global Business Strategy Certificate Program

Thu, Oct 23
6:00pm 9:00pm
USD, Ahlers center for International Business
San Diego
Take the next step towards advancing your global business career by earning the professional Certificate in Global Business Strategy. Expand beyond your current expertise and enroll in our comprehensive set of seminars to develop a system-wide approach to problem solving that will help you to develop global leadership competencies, distinguish yourself from your peers and become more marketable to future employers. Seminars integrate both practical techniques and academic research and are designed to incorporate tools and frameworks that can be immediately applied in the workplace. There are no required courses - you choose which seminars to enroll in, thus allowing you to maximize your learning and easily integrate this learning opportunity into your busy schedule.

Toastmasters 2014 Speechcraft Session

Thu, Oct 23
7:00am 8:30am
Cafe Coyote Meeting Room
San Diego
Learn speaking, business communication and leadership skills, in just five weeks. These five-week sessions will teach you how to organize and prepare your communications, as well as how to deliver it with style, verve and power. It's focused, fun and hands-on. With your own personal speech advisor and the opportunity to learn public speaking skills from experienced speakers.

Encoded Histories: Qais Al-Sindy and Doris Bittar

Thu, Oct 23
San Diego Mesa College
San Diego
Artist Qais Al-Sindy immigrated to San Diego as a result of the Iraq war. In his installations, paintings and sculptures, he presents the human and social costs of this decade long war. Doris Bittar explores geo-historical shifts and the relationship between East and West. Her paintings incorporate decorative elements.

Breaking Through the Solcial Media Clutter

Fri, Oct 24
7:30am 9:30am
SDG&E Energy Innovation Center
San Diego
Breaking Though the Social Media Clutter is an AMA Signature Event featuring three successful social media marketing strategy and content experts who will share with you what it takes to get an edge in the competitive world of social media marketing. If you’re a business owner and feel your social media presence is lacking, (little to zero engagement and interaction with the content you’re posting), then this event is right for you!
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