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The four residential units in Linda Vista at 6620-6626 Kelly St., San Diego 92111, have been sold for $720,000.

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Linda Vista is taken from the Spanish for "beautiful view."  The University of San Diego sits atop one of the area's tallest hills and is often mistaken for the San Diego Mission.  This strategically located neighborhood of San Diego overlooks Mission Bay, the Pacific Ocean on the west, and Mission Valley on the south, with Tecolote Canyon on the northwest. It offers its residents city and ocean views.

Once an olive grove, Linda Vista came to life in just three months as part of a government project in 1940 to house aircraft workers.  Linda Vista was the direct result of the lobbying of Consolidated Aircraft Corporation and its CEO Rueben H. Fleet for more housing for the aircraft workers who were pouring into San Diego County to build the aircraft needed for the war. 

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Abamex Auction

San Diego, CA
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7670 Opportunity Rd., Ste. 205
San Diego, CA
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