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Apartment in City Heights on Central sells

The 14-unit apartment in the City Heights neighborhood of Teralta at 4141-4149 Central Ave., San Diego 92105, has been sold for $1.5 million.


Apartment in Kensington on Marlborough sold

The eight-unit apartment in Kensington at 4476 Marlborough Ave., San Diego 92116, has been sold for $1.26 million.


Townhouses in City Heights on Auburn sold

The two-story, three-building, eight-unit Auburn Townhouses complex in City Heights at 4979 Auburn Drive, San Diego 92105, has been sold for $1.51 million.


Apartment in City Heights on 42nd sold


City Heights units bought for affordable housing

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The City Heights area of the City of San Diego is an ethnically diverse neighborhood located at the eastern end of Mission Valley.  The area is currently undergoing a renaissance of a sort with new commercial and residential projects going up at a rapid pace.  Once an example of urban decay and high crime, City Heights is now a model for public and private cooporation and is well on the way to once again being a strong part of the city.

The area has benefited from a grass roots movement that began over 10 years ago. Crime and the drug culture have been reduced significantly and the area no longer is losing population.  Now it's problem is controlling growth.  More than $550 million has been invested in the area in an effort to bring it back to life led by Sol Price, the co-founder with his son of the Price Club wholesale chain.  Price Charities has donated more than $40 million to the neighborhood's revitalization projects. Price has come up with creative ways to stretch the schools to accommodate the growing population of students and with ways to add affordable housing to the area.

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City Heights Businesses

Kato Controls

3438 Nile St.
San Diego, CA
  • Construction
  • Construction Contractor - Mechanical
  • Contractors - Mechanical
  • Energy Management
  • HVAC Services & Maintenance
  • Lighting

Dietsch's Hearing Aid Center

3952 30th St.
san diego, ca
  • Consultants - Efficiency Engineers
  • Hearing Care
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