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The City has population of approximately 22,000.  Brawley is a family-oriented community with good schools, and 14 parks, beautifully landscaped.  Brawley has a skilled, hard-working labor force. 

The Colorado River is about 30 miles from Brawley. The Salton Sea and desert sand dunes are accessible in minutes.  The Sea of Cortez is about three hours away.  All these areas offer prime recreational opportunities, from bird-watching to fishing, hunting, boating, dune riding, and just about any other outdoor activity you could imagine. 

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Business Information

Brawley offers affordable off-site utilities for development purposes. Electric power is provided by the Imperial Irrigation District.  Natural gas is provided by Southern California Gas Company. 

Water and natural gas costs are approximately 25 percent lower than those in San Diego or the Los Angeles Basin.  The City of Brawley receives Its water from the Colorado River and has ample supply for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.  The City of Brawley water facility has a capacity of 22 million gallons per day.

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