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Sewer pipelines to be replaced in parts of Carlsbad

As part of Carlsbad's pursuit to fix and repair its aging sewer lines, two projects will kick off in the northwestern portion of the city.

Pipeline will be replaced on Beech Avenue between Ocean Street and along Washington Street, and on Normandy Lane between Garfield Street and Mountain View Drive.

"This is part of our normal service we provide every year to improve the city," said Kristina Ray, a spokesperson for the city of Carlsbad. "Every year the city looks at what infrastructure needs to get fixed and sets a priority list. This year these sewer lines were on the top of that list."

Residents on Normandy Lane can anticipate periodic detours and road closures between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. as the street will be closed to through traffic during construction from Garfield Street to Mountain View Drive.

Beech Avenue from Ocean Street to Washington Street will also be closed to through traffic during construction.

North County Transit District bus routes may be affected during construction on Beech Avenue as well. Ray advises residents to visit gonctd.com for updates as construction moves forward for possible schedule changes.

Notification letters will be mailed to residents directly affected by work taking place on their streets 10 days prior to construction, and temporary "no parking" signs will be posted daily in the construction areas.

In addition, the residents will receive a door hanger notification three days prior to construction, advising them of the days and times of construction on a particular street.

Specific information regarding construction -- including contact phone numbers for resident inquiries -- will be provided in the notification letter and the door hanger.

Construction will begin in late July and is expected to be completed in September.

"The city schedules sewer work during the summer when there is little chance of rain, so chances of delays are heavily reduced," Ray said.

Sewer service in the affected areas should not be interrupted during construction, according John Maashoff, city of Carlsbad construction manager

The entire cost of the project is approximately $2.17 million, and funding for the project will come from the city’s Wastewater Capital Improvement Plan funds.

The city awarded a $1.51 million construction contract to Mike Prlich and Sons for the Beech Avenue project, and a $50,885 construction contract to Schilling Paradise Corp. for the Normandy Lane project.

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Carrie 8:00am July 22, 2010

So, 7am?? Good plan when many of these places are either vacation homes, or rentals? This is at the height of the tourist season. This line has been an issue for over 30 years, so do not pat yourselves on the back here! Being that it is the middle of summer and kids are out of school, and families are vacationing, you could at least wait until 9am to start the project everyday. Whoever made this decision is an idiot!