New Technology Meets Newsprint

The Daily Transcript at is the #1 source for daily business news, data and information, relied on by generations of business readers since 1886.

Our Roots Go Deep

The Daily Transcript at traces its roots back to the National City Record, which began publishing September 28, 1882. The name evolved through a succession of owners, becoming The Daily Transcript in 1886.

In 1909, the Superior Court declared the paper, "A newspaper of general circulation published for the dissemination of local and telegraphic news and intelligence of a general character." Later it became the official newspaper of the City of San Diego. The 1920s saw the evolution of the Transcript into a true business publication and the masthead boldly proclaimed it "The Business Newspaper of Southwestern California."

Revelles Continue Tradition

There is no other resource as The Daily Transcript to get up to date information for San Diego Companies.
~ Kelley Wright, Managing Editor, Investment Quality Trends

The Daily Transcript at continues to report on San Diego business news and events under its current owners, the Revelle-Scripps family, a family with a long history of involvement in San Diego land development, business and philanthropic ventures. The family-owned company "CALCOMCO" acquired the newspaper in 1986.

Ellen C. Revelle, publisher emerita until her death in May 2009, was the granddaughter of James E. Scripps, founder of The Detroit News, and the grandniece of E.W. Scripps, who established the Scripps Howard newspaper chain. Her husband Roger Revelle, a prominent scientist and oceanographer at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, was instrumental in bringing the University of California to San Diego. Their son William Revelle continues to serve as chairman today.

San Diego Source

Under Revelle's leadership, and publisher Robert L. Loomis' direction, The Daily Transcript launched the San Diego Source at in 1994 - to provide online all it had provided for so many years in print, plus much more uniquely suited to the new technology. The Transcript was the first newspaper in Southern California to publish on the World Wide Web.

Since 1994, the San Diego Source has developed into one of the Internet's most successful local sites. Originally free, the site is now a paid subscription site attracting over 3.3 million unique visitors annually. As an information destination on the Internet, The Daily Transcript ranks among top national media sites while maintaining its local business focus in Southern California.

Both in print and electronically, the Transcript and San Diego Source research, report and inform readers and loyal subscribers about San Diego business every day of the year.