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In the competitive landscape of San Diego, you need every advantage available to get your name in front of customers.

Now, with Source Sales Tools, you can get in front of customers before the competition knows they even exist!

What are Source Sales Tools?

Source Sales Tools are databases of business information including businesses licenses, building permits, real estate, court filings, and much more.

How do I use Source Sales Tools?

Use Source Sales Tools to:

  • Know what is going on in San Diego first
  • Get the jump on competition
  • Compress time and cost of leads
  • Get a steady supply of fresh sales leads
  • Generate targeted lead lists
  • Target new customers by location
  • Focus on the right customers
  • Improve your bottom line and revenues
  • Streamline your marketing and sales efforts

With Source Sales Tools databases, you'll always be the first to contact a steady source of the freshest sales and marketing leads delivered to your desktop daily.

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How current are the Source Sales Tools databases?

Information contained within these databases are current and timely, updated in most cases daily. Click on the database you are interested in for more details.

These accurate and reliable sources of information come from the primary source: courts, city, state and federal government, etc., and is immediately added to the databases as it is received.

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How can I get these leads?

We know how important it is to get your hands on the most current information. That's why we developed a daily email file that goes right to any email address you designate, where it will be waiting for you when you get in to work every business morning, and ready to use in most data and contact management software packages.

Your purchase will also include a subscription to both San Diego Daily Transcript newspaper and access to the San Diego Source website.

You can also download a PDF of today's databases.

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3 month package - $300

Streamline your search for new customers with nightly delivered sales leads. Subscribe for 90 days to this moneymaker service and watch your sales take off!

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Our Source Sales Tools management team is committed to providing excellence in service and attention to detail.

Whether you are an established or emerging company, we can connect you to your target San Diego market information.

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Which database is right for you?

Click on the databases below to find out more.


Bulk Transfers

For the professional broker, business buyer and personal buyers.

Business Licenses

Every month 700 new business licenses are issued in the City of San Diego. We put them in your hands before your competitors know they are in business!

Federal Tax Liens

If you specialize in collecting information on financially distressed individuals, the new Federal Tax Liens can be a goldmine for you!

Fictitious Business Names

If you are looking for individuals starting up businesses, the newly filed Fictitious Business Names can turn into your customers!

State Tax Liens

If you need to get in front of people and businesses already in the tax lien process, this exact set of data is for you!


Building Permits

Need to know who is changing the skyline of San Diego? Have them delivered to your desktop each Monday hot off the press.

Construction BidBoard

Looking for increased business with the construction industry? We can help you find your next construction project with the Construction BidBoard listings!

Mechanic's Liens

Find out if your subcontractor has filed a lien against you. Find out if a company you are working with is in trouble.

Notices of Completion

A filed document certifying that work on a project has been completed in San Diego County.

Court & Law

Superior Court Lawsuits

If you need to get in front of people and businesses involved in current lawsuits, this exact set of data is for you!

U.S. Bankruptcy Filings

A great lead source for auto dealers, special finance firms, rental agencies, legal aid firms, lawyer groups... and much more!

Real Estate

Commercial Sales

From the corner lemonade stand all the way up to hotels, warehouses, office buildings and much more, this list gives you the insiders edge.

Home Sales

The perfect prospects for banking and financial institutions, residential contractors, landscapers, roofers... and much more!

Leasing Notes

Useful for commercial building contractors, movers, locksmiths, answering service companies, security companies... and much more!

Notices Of Default

With this list you can negotiate with the owners of foreclosure property and save thousands on the purchase price of desirable properties in San Diego.

Trustee Sales

The only way to setup and operate a comprehensive real estate investment program and keep one step ahead of the deep pocket investors.

Sourcebook Mailing List

If you want to reach the executives, professionals and corporate managers of San Diego's top companies and organizations who are moving forward in the region, then this list is for you. Contact Robin Scott at (800) 697-NEWS for more information and rates.