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Unions change mind on Barrio Logan

As the Barrio Logan zoning plan heads for the ballot in June, the shipyards that launched the referendum have lost some of their key supporters: waterfront labor unions, who say they were misled into believing that the rezoning would threaten their jobs.

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Robert C Leif 1:54pm December 19, 2013

Reducing the industrial land area by about half will cut down the number of future jobs. The Republicans and Democrats have blamed each other for our losses in manufacturing jobs. The present actions by the majority of our City Council indicates that the zoning by local politicians is responsible for much of this loss. The Environmental Health Coalition has been very successful in promoting unsubstantiated charges of pollution. Although at the Council meeting, I was able to demolish their charges that local industry was responsible for the air pollution, I was not accorded sufficient time to explain how California had solved the problem and Los Angles had already proven that the solution worked. As far as the veracity of the image of future waterfront condominiums is concerned or similar gentrification. The cruel truth is that a heavy industry free area adjacent to downtown would be too valuable to be overlooked by the developers.

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