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Survey: US businesses step up hiring in June to 237,000

WASHINGTON (AP) -- U.S. businesses added jobs at a robust pace in June, a private survey found, evidence that rising consumer spending and a healthy housing market are supporting more hiring.

U.S. Index Futures Hold Gain After ADP Data Amid Greece Optimism

(Bloomberg) -- U.S. index futures advanced, after equities capped their worst quarter since 2012, as investors watched for signs of compromise on Greek debt negotiations and data showed a stronger-than-forecast monthly gain in private payrolls.

Oil Falls After Biggest Gain in 3 Weeks on Supply, Greece Crisis

(Bloomberg) -- Oil declined after the biggest advance in three weeks as OPEC crude supply rose amid concern that Greece’s failure to make an IMF payment would worsen its economic crisis.


Builders reflect on 2013 IPOS


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