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Viking Therapeutics' underwriters exercise stock purchase option

Viking Therapeutics Inc. announced on Friday that the underwriters for its recent initial public offering have exercised in full their option to purchase from Viking an additional 450,000 shares at the initial offering price to the public of $8 per share.


Maritime industry booming, but hurdles lie ahead

The maritime industry in San Diego generates upward of $14 billion in direct revenue a year and employs 46,000 people, but local businesses and leaders from the South Bay say this sector isn’t as well known or understood as it should be.


$1.3 million in property tax refunds available to claim

San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister announced that his office is seeking parties who may be entitled to refunds, including property taxpayers and those who may have previously owned property in the county of San Diego in the past five years.

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SDAIP elects new president

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Eleven cities: Is rent out of reach?

Renters are on the rise in America's biggest cities, many tenants are scrambling to keep up with growing rent bills and shrinking vacancies, according to a study being released Thursday.

Added NYC rent control sought

Democrats in the state Senate this past week proposed extending New York City's rent regulations for two more years and limiting how much a landlord can increase the rent when a rent-stabilized unit becomes vacant.

Japanese battle over 2020 Olympic stadium

Whoever Prime Minister Shinzo Abe picks to oversee the 2020 Olympics is already facing a titanic clash over funding for a $1.4-billion stadium.

'Canceled': When it makes sense to close a credit card

New credit card offers can be tempting, especially when they tout a lower interest rate or more attractive rewards than what's in your wallet.

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Business and professional groups plan a range of activities this week.

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