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Daily Digest

Cytori Therapeutics Inc.: (Nasdaq: CYTX) announced that it received FDA approval to support the continuation of enrollment with its Athena cardiovascular trials, and Overland Storage Inc.: (Nasdaq: OVRL) announced the availability of its new NEO XL-Series family of automated tape libraries, according to company announcements, SEC filings and Bloomberg News.

Aptose Biosciences to start trading on Nasdaq

Aptose Biosciences Inc. will begin trading on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the symbol APTO this week.

Daily Digest

Envision Solar International Inc. announced it has received multiple purchase orders for its EV ARC and Solar Tree HVLC products totaling over $2 million in less than 30 days, and ResMed Inc. announced the introduction of myAir, a new personalized therapy management application for patients with sleep-disordered breathing, according to company announcements, SEC filings and Bloomberg News.

Daily Digest


On the Agenda: Business week highlights talks, social media, anniversaries

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3Q review: Mutual funds take a summer break

Take a breath.

San Diego REITs grow bigger, stronger

While not perfect, the times appear very good for San Diego REITs.

IBM pressure to turn business around or risk calls to break up

The pressure is building for IBM’s Ginni Rometty to revive the company or risk confronting calls for more radical steps — like a major breakup.

Loeb exit leaves Sony’s Hirai with bigger challenges to confront

Activist investor Daniel Loeb’s sale of his Sony Corp. stake removes an annoyance for CEO Kazuo Hirai.

Coca-Cola, IBM Show Shareholders Punish CEOs With No-Growth Plan

Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Coca-Cola Co. and International Business Machines Corp. got a stark message from investors this week: If they can’t keep their businesses in growth mode, they’d better do something about it -- and fast.

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