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Legal actions loom in Convention Center labor agreement

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kristin wright 4:36pm November 19, 2012

Good Luck to you Mr. Christen...Speaking from great experience in dealing with the PLA's...They are so corrupt and dishonest it is beyond anything imaginable...They do not even look out for the workers...It is all about Pensions....Watch out for the back door deals like a hawk...They have gotten a monopoly on labor like I have never seen...They stop at nothing including Filner/Brown...I hope you can put it out to the public in detailed writting, because people do not realize what is at stake....I will fight them as well..Good Luck

4th gen SDagen 6:48pm November 16, 2012

I guess the vote of the people doesn’t mean a thing? WE VOTED NOT TO ALLOW PLA's PERIOD!!!!! Way to go Jerry, guess that’s why you aren’t running again. You have a bit of union on your chin. I cant believe that the this supposed "article" (notice I didn't say news reporting as it obviously doesn't qualify as that) doesn't bother to mention the will of the people expressed in their vote.

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