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Attorney asks Filner to resign, files lawsuit over Sunroad

A prominent local attorney, who supported San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's 2012 campaign, is now asking Filner to resign.

Cory Briggs sent his request to Filner via a letter on Tuesday, saying if Filner remains mayor it will "cause long-term damage to the movement to clean up City Hall."

He said Filner has violated the principles of open, accountable and responsible government.

"Certainly you are entitled to broad latitude in your efforts to put the city back on a proper course, but that latitude is not limitless," Briggs wrote.

Briggs, who was listed as endorsing Filner on the mayor's campaign website, said he arrived at his decision "reluctantly."

Filner has come under fire recently for accepting a $100,000 donation from developer Sunroad Centrum Partners for a pair of municipal contracts.

Filner later returned the money after discovering that his second-highest aide at the time told the developer its donation would secure the mayor’s support for easing the restrictions on its Centrum 23 project in Kearny Mesa.

Briggs represents the group, San Diegans for Open Government, which just filed a lawsuit Wednesday over the Sunroad donation.

The group claims the city engaged in a "pay-to-play scheme" in violation of the City Charter, the city's municipal code and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

The litigation calls Sunroad's $100,000 donation a quid pro quo payment to get its project approved.

Last week, San Diegans for Open Government filed a lawsuit against San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, accusing Goldsmith of acting illegally by releasing a transcript of a closed-session meeting without obtaining permission from the City Council.

The transcript showed Filner ordering police to escort Deputy City Attorney Andrew Jones out of a closed-session meeting.

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Kristin Wright 3:34pm July 10, 2013

So sad but both are corrupt as the day is long..Filner is nothing but pay me back and a union lover at all costs..Goldsmith was a judge for a second and was hideous, not even knowing the law in certain cases..He just wanted to use the bench as a foot up into politics which he is bad at as well..Listen to how the communicate with one another. Check these people out before you vote.

Mary 3:32pm July 10, 2013

Keep Filner -- fire Goldsmith!!!

Arnold W. Winston 2:59pm July 10, 2013

As a person of color, I ask my self what kind of mine set a person has in ordering someone of color to the back of the room. We have worked hard in getting educated and even playing game or games with and for the "Good Old Boy Network" of acceptance. I can rest assure you if someone of color told "Bully Bob" to kiss where the sun don't shine he would cease this pattern of behavior.