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City council reaffirms prevailing wage

Following a preliminary vote on July 30, the San Diego City Council on Tuesday approved using the “prevailing wage” for all construction projects valued over $25,000 and all maintenance, repair, alteration or demolition work over $15,000, starting Jan. 1.

The prevailing wage is defined as the compensation – including benefits and overtime – paid to a majority of workers in a particular industry in a particular geographic zone.

Implementing the wage will mean many contractors will have to pay their workers more, but it will also mean “safer and better monitored work sites; on-time completion; properly trained apprentices; and fewer construction defects, change orders and cost overruns,” according to a press release sent out by Interim Mayor Todd Gloria.

The move passed the council on the same 5-4 margin that it did in July, with Democrats on the Council supporting the measure and Republicans opposed.

At least 40 other charter cities in California have similar requirements, including San Jose, Burbank, Anaheim and Long Beach.

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kristin wright 1:00pm September 11, 2013

This is nothing but for the Unions..They want you to pay into the benefit package whether or not you are union or nonunion, pure and simple..I have no problem paying p.w. The problems lies in with what it intails..We have to pay into a benefit package where by our workers do not get benefit..Example: I pay full Health Insurance and when we were doing a p.w. job they required us to pay their Benefit Package which included Health Ins. @5.45 p/h..When you add that up it is over 800.00 that our workers are giving to the Unions..I cannot drop them at that time just because I am paying into the package, plus they can't get benefit since we are a nonunion shop(freedom of America people)..They keep the full boat..It is not the truth that these jobs will come in without cost overruns or on time as they suggest by using this method..I like the fact that we do pay into a training program and that is it.Such untruths make this corrupt.