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Editorial: Time for a change at district attorney's office

Bob Brewer

The Daily Transcript regularly covers government and legal news, and we believe Robert "Bob" Brewer is the best choice among all candidates to be the next county district attorney. He is an intelligent, articulate, experienced attorney with superior qualifications compared with all others in the race, including the incumbent.

Since graduating from University of San Diego Law School in 1975, Mr. Brewer has wide experience as a defense attorney and a prosecutor, successfully handling civil and criminal cases. He served as a deputy district attorney and as an assistant U.S. attorney in Los Angeles for seven years before returning to San Diego and private law practice in 1982. He co-founded the San Diego law firm of Chapin & Brewer in 1987, served as the managing partner of the San Diego office of McKenna & Cuneo from 1991-2008, and most recently was the partner in charge of the San Diego office of the international law firm Jones Day.

In his endorsement of Mr. Brewer, Father Joe Carroll describes him as “a man of great integrity.”

Mr. Brewer is also endorsed by 21 law enforcement associations including the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of San Diego County and the San Diego Police Officers Association. A full list of his endorsements is on his website.

Incumbent Bonnie Dumanis, in deciding to run for mayor with all that it involves politically, has put herself in a position of making it difficult -- next to impossible -- for her to be an effective district attorney.

Controversy swirls around the extent and character of Dumanis' involvement with, first, the alleged six-figure illegal contributions made by Mexican businessman Jose Susumo Azano to her mayoral campaign; and second, her reluctance to release internal emails regarding her involvement in, and the conduct of, a case brought unsuccessfully against former Chula Vista City Councilman Steve Castaneda. Recently, former San Diego City Councilwoman Donna Frye injected herself into the latter situation (and therefore the present campaign), demanding Dumanis immediately release the documents. These issues have been reported in The Daily Transcript and other media.

Mr. Brewer has a number of priorities that match well against those of the community. He is realistic about the size and scope of gang activity and the growing related problems of sex trafficking and human smuggling. He also has elder abuse high on his agenda, promising to place renewed emphasis on this very real problem. He also promises to never endorse another politician while in office.

The time is simply ripe for a new district attorney. Bob Brewer is the person for the job. Well respected among his legal colleagues, he is a man who sharpened his leadership skills while a young Army officer. He was awarded the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, and other combat decorations for service in Vietnam. He solidified and proved his character in a later successful, personal fight against cancer attributed to his wartime exposure to Agent Orange.

Bob Brewer has a lot of energy and ideas. We urge your support at the ballot box and help give him the opportunity to reinvigorate the office of the district attorney of San Diego County.


* Brewer wants to take politics out of DA's office

* Interview with DA candidate Robert Brewer (video)

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Hank Habernathy 2:32pm May 18, 2014

How come the author of this editorial isn't identified? Am I missing something?

Note: It is not signed because it is the position of the Daily Transcript/San Diego Source.

Craig Kleffman 12:58am May 18, 2014

The one's that know best -- retired Deputy DAs -- have supported and endorsed Bob Brewer in earnest. That same group uniformly is against Bonnie Dumanis. More important, the front line offices and their unions also reuse to endorse her. They refuse, because she rejects 25% of their filings, as she seeks to protect her mythical conviction rate (which is not as high as she claims, see, http://m.utsandiego.com/news/2014/may/16/dumanis-conviction-rate-claim-examined/. 'Politicians are like diapers, they both need to be replaced often' (reduces the bad odor, too). -- Mark Twain.

Leo Hamel 10:20am May 17, 2014

You are a paper that looks at the facts and is not afraid to take a position that is good for the County! Thanks you Transcript!

Steve Anear 9:00am May 17, 2014

It is time we have a District Attorney who is dedicated to protecting the citizens of this county, not self promotion and politics. Bob Brewer is a man of integrity who has proved himself in combat, in the courtroom and in his community. A man with his qualities is precisely what we need as District Attorney.

Robert C. Phillips, Deputy District Attorney, Retired 7:58am May 17, 2014

Kudos to The Daily Transcript for recognizing the current crisis the San Diego District Attorney's Office faces. A vote for Bonnie Dumanis is a vote to continue the politicizing and deterioration of a once-proud prosecutorial office, with retaliation and vindictiveness against both Bonnie Dumanis's own employees who don't happen to agree with her internal policies, and other politicians who decline to support Bonnie's meddling in the affairs of other agencies, being the rule of the day. A vote for Bob Brewer is a vote for returning the DA's Office to an ethical, honest, and professional organization that serves the People of San Diego County and not the selfish political ambitions of its leader.

Larry Stirling 8:05pm May 16, 2014

I agree wholeheartedly! Larry Stirling