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BioAtla licenses antibody rights to BioMotiv

San Diego-based BioAtla announced that it licensed exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialize its TH22 pathway-directed antibody compound for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and oncologic indications to BioMotiv, the therapeutics accelerator for The Harrington Project for Discovery & Development.

In conjunction with the agreement, BioMotiv established Kodosil Bio, which will develop all compounds resulting from the license.

BioAtla used its proprietary comprehensive integrated antibody optimization (CIAO) platform for the identification, humanization, and optimization of the monoclonal antibody. The CIAO technology selects antibody candidates that integrate important features of manufacturing and process development into the protein design. This platform selects candidates with natural protein folding and glycosylation, high protein expression and faster downstream process development characteristics, enabling cost and time efficiencies throughout the development process.

Under the terms of the agreement, BioAtla will provide its proprietary discovery and preclinical development processes for the licensed compounds. Kodosil Bio will manage the development of the therapeutic antibody and will fund all discovery and development activities through clinical proof-of-concept. BioAtla will receive milestone payments and royalties on sales of all potential therapeutics developed through the collaboration. If the therapeutic antibody products developed through Kodosil Bio are sublicensed or divested, BioAtla will receive a substantial portion of proceeds resulting from the action.

"We believe BioMotiv will be an ideal partner to take the antibody forward into the clinic, building on our solid discovery foundation that demonstrates the value of this antibody in the potential treatment of a variety of disease indications where there is considerable unmet need in large market opportunities," said Jay M. Short, Ph.D., president and CEO of BioAtla. "This partnership is an ideal demonstration of the power of our proprietary platform to generate unique, therapeutically-active monoclonal antibodies for a variety of diseases, both for our partners — in this case BioMotiv — and for our proprietary product portfolio."

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