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Klinedinst launches new practice group

In addition to being a trial attorney, Klinedinst shareholder James Crosby is what you'd call a "big idea" person.

His latest brainchild is the formation of a complex litigation practice group, in which Klinedinst's experienced trial and appellate attorneys will come together to handle large, high-exposure matters as a team.

"One of the reasons I came to Klinedinst was because I wanted to try much larger cases," said Crosby, who will chair the new group. "And once I got here, I looked at the talent we have and thought we ought to put together a group to handle high-risk cases.

"We're just seeing more and more of these big, intense cases with complex issues involving thousands of documents. I thought if we put a group together that focuses on that litigation, we'd be rapidly ready to respond."

Complex litigation regularly involves intensive pre-trial litigation and discovery, huge repositories of electronically-stored information, multidistrict litigation, and multimillion dollar damages.

Multiweek trial support and an ability to excel under intense litigation pressures and media scrutiny are often needed to aggressively represent clients and protect their reputations and interests.

“Our complex litigation attorneys have solid, well-defined track records handling high-stakes, high-pressure lawsuits,” said John Klinedinst, the firm's CEO. “The rollout of our complex litigation group, fresh on the heels of our expanded transactional practice, will help us represent larger, more sophisticated clients in the most complicated, multidimensional matters.”

The group is designed to be nimble, responsive and effective. Team leaders can identify and act on immediate priorities, assemble the right attorneys and resources to pursue the claim, and coordinate the overall response across the firm's four California offices.

The complex litigation unit also includes pre-qualified associates whose experience in specific types of complex matters can be rapidly utilized on short notice.

"These large cases can explode very quickly, but then you have to shepherd them through a lot of discovery and a long trial," Crosby said. "It takes a special breed of attorney, and we have them here.

"We talked to some existing clients and potential clients about whether they'd look to Klinedinst for this type of service, and the response was positive."

Practice group members will be able to handle issues involving intellectual property and trade secrets, business and accounting fraud, securities fraud, attorney malpractice, class actions, health care, mergers and acquisitions, international matters under the North American Free Trade Agreement, real estate and environmental disputes, and major construction defect disputes.

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