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Husband Testifies He Had Nothing To Do With Wife's Kidnap-Murder

VENTURA, Calif. (AP) - Michael Dally insisted he had nothing to do with his wife's murder and told a jury that he didn't show outward emotion after her disappearance because that's what he was taught as a child. "I keep my love inside of me, I keep my hurt inside of me because it's no one's business," Dally said. "I didn't want sympathy. I didn't want anything from anybody." Dally, testifying Monday at the penalty phase of his murder trial, denied being involved with his wife's death. "I had nothing to do with my wife's demise," he said. He also said he loathed his former lover, Diana Haun, who has been convicted of kidnapping and murdering Sherri Dally. Haun has been sentenced to life without parole for the May 6, 1996 murder. "I despise Diana Haun now that I know she murdered my wife," Dally said. "Nobody could ever take Sherri's place." Dally was convicted earlier this month of kidnapping and killing his wife and conspiring with Haun. He was convicted of masterminding the murder plot and manipulating Haun into killing his wife for financial gain. Jurors can recommend life in prison or execution for Dally. The penalty phase was scheduled to continue today. On Monday, the jury for the first time got a close-up look at two knives similar to the ones that may have killed Sherri Dally, who was repeatedly stabbed in the chest and beaten on the head. The murder weapon or weapons have never been found, but the coroner said a piece of metal from a serrated knife remained lodged in the victim's jawbone. Chief Deputy District Attorney Lela Henke-Dobroth held up a yellow-handled serrated "rescue" knife Sherri Dally had bought for her husband. Then, co-prosecutor Michael Frawley asked about a butterfly knife Dally said he gave Haun as a gift. As Frawley spoke he flipped open the knife blade then closed it repeatedly. Dally called the knife he gave Haun a "toy." Prosecutors questioned Dally for nearly four hours. Henke-Dobroth asked Dally about his inappropriate comments to others, his continued affair with Haun and his claim that he loved his wife while so many others testified he taunted her with cruel names and by leaving a body pillow on his marital bed with a photo of his lover's face. In one exchange, she asked Dally when the body pillow with Haun's face got into the Dally home. He said his wife found it in his van and asked about it. Henke-Dobroth repeatedly asked Dally who put the pillow on the couple's bed. He never directly answered, instead explaining he had two body pillows, one from Haun and one from his wife filled with her perfume. "What were you thinking about when you had sex with Diana Haun less than 24 hours after she murdered your wife?" the prosecutor asked. ""I don't know. I was in love with two women at the same time," he said. "I didn't think one would hurt the other." Defense lawyer James M. Farley questioned Dally briefly, asking why he had affairs with other women though he claimed to love his wife. "I made mistakes," he said. "But I loved my wife. I loved her deeply." Before Dally testified, his wife's family from Santa Maria described their loss and how their lives have changed forever. Jurors were shown a 10-minute video of Sherri Dally hugging and kissing and playing with her sons, celebrating their birthdays and having a rambunctious squirt-gun fight with her father. The defense wants the jury to consider Dally's two young sons, ages 7 and 10. The boys' therapist says the brothers miss their father, whom they have visited in jail, said Dally's father, Lawrence Dally.

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