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Reflection of the interests and values of Athena Members

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Athena programs are designed to reflect the interests and values of our membership. These programs inspire, motivate and teach in settings that allow us to communicate, share and network with our peers. Athena's goal is to present cutting-edge programs that focus on leadership, personal development and business skills, addressing topics such as entrepreneurship, finance and law. These programs are developed through monthly meetings of Athena's Board of Directors, executive director and the dedicated Program Committee. The dedication of these Athena members have increased the number and variety of events this fiscal year.

Here are some highlights from recent Athena programs:

* To further business skills, Heller, Ehrman, White & McAuliffe coordinated and sponsored the September event, "Protecting Your Company's Crown Jewels," a program regarding how best to protect intellectual property. In October, KPMG presented "Preserving Capital," at which we heard from Barry Minkow and Steve Austin of Swenson Advisors, LLP, on how to avoid fraud. "Raising Capital," sponsored by Deloitte & Touche and coordinated by Board Member Teresa Young, was presented in November. Panelists at the November program were Anna Maria Frost, Linda S. Grais and Rebecca Schmitt.

* To enhance leadership skills and insight, the October Athena event featured guest speaker Annette Moser Wellman, author of "The Five Faces of Genius," who discussed how we can use our creative genius to develop a crucial portfolio of thinking skills and business ideas. In January, Qualcomm (Nasdaq: QCOM) sponsored an event on the status of women in the technology workplace. This program featured Theresa Isaacs, vice president of Catalyst West, who presented the new Catalyst study "Career Paths and High Tech: Wired for Success," and Athena members Tamar Elkeles and MaryAnne Kaiser, who presented the results of Athena's 2001 survey on women in the San Diego technology workplace.

* To address personal development, the February Athena event addressed "Women's Health and the Workplace: Beyond the Stereotypes." This lively presentation featured Ted Quigley, M.D., Laurie Futterman, Ph.D., and Saundra Childs of Women's First and was sponsored and coordinated by Campbell & Flores LLP.

Athena's plans for the remainder of this year include the May 25 event titled "Women on Public Company Boards, Access and Impact." The June program, "Unintended Consequences of Early Decisions," will be a panel presentation on the critical issues facing new companies. The panel moderator will be Craig Andrews and three entrepreneurs will share their experiences. This program is being presented jointly with Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and will be coordinated by Board Member and former Athena President Martha Dennis.

On July 25th there will be a program with a new format entitled "Advancing Cutting Edge Cures for Women." Exhibits and presentations by biotech and life sciences companies on products designed and developed specifically for women will be on display. This program is being coordinated by Program Committee Member Janet Waldo of Protein Polymer Technologies (OTCBB: PPTI). July also will include a networking event -- a tour and presentation on homeland security at SAIC 's Rancho Bernardo facility.

Many thanks to the loyal, creative and enthusiastic members of the Program Committee, who are Brenda Cohen-Gebler, Cathryn Campbell, Martha Dennis, Jean Monahan, Janet Waldo, Kim Penny, Sarah Lamade, Linda Greenberg, Lisa Ryner, Anne O'Donnell, Suzanne Biggs, Sue Ebner, Victoria Tucker and Abby Silverman, chair.

Silverman is a partner with Baker & McKenzie and chair of the UCSD Athena Programs Committee.

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