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Continuing education is lifelong habit for successful construction professionals

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In addition to traditional safety and skills upgrade classes, ABC in partnership with member Good & Robers, sponsors a carpentry training program. Students may attend any or all of the classes offered -- a journeyman certificate is presented to students who complete teh entire 640-hour program. Pictured: Students learn how to hang doors in the Doors & Windows class.

Those who have endured the misfortune of learning to type on the old swing-arm typewriters in high school might well remember asking yourself at the time, ?Why do I have to take such a boring, frustrating class? After all, you were going to be a fireman, a ballet dancer, or a truck driver -- learning how to type was obviously a waste of time. Nowadays, however, computers are everywhere and are used in every type of business. Most of us now find ourselves wishing that we?d paid more attention in that high-school typing class. Pushing yourself through a few hours of learning a new skill is like that typing class. It?s easy to be shortsighted?and then later surprised at the pace of change. You might have once learned a skill which, in terms of technology, is now archaic or even obsolete. Yet, without knowing it, you were laying the groundwork to be able to handle changes and new demands in your workplace. By continuing to learn new skills, ?Why do I have to take?.? turns into ?I know how to do that!? Your own sense of pride in your accomplishment is often rewarded in your paycheck ? and a frequent reminder that continuing to learn new professional skills is always the right thing to do. If you haven't yet taken advantage of the many training classes and seminars offered at ABC this year, there's still time. The following are examples of some classes being offered this fall. For information about one of these classes, or to inquire about a class not listed here, contact Gary Wood at (858) 513-4700, ext. 208, or e-mail gary@abcsd.org.

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