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Newsletter names top 10 biotech list

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The Centient Biotech Investor, a newsletter for investors in public and private biotechnology companies, has announced its Centient Top 10 Biotech list, identifying the ten companies it believes will outperform the biotechnology sector as a whole over the next twelve months.

The Centient Biotech Top 10 includes both industry pioneers and emerging companies that are far from household names. They have been identified as key stocks based on their product pipelines, clinical successes and the market potential for their lead drugs or candidates.

The Top 10 companies are Amgen Inc.; Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Celgene Corp.; Genentech, Inc.; Encysive Pharmaceuticals Inc; Geron Corp.; Gilead Sciences, Inc.; Imclone Systems Inc.; Johnson&Johnson; StemCells Inc.

"Our Top 10 list is very interesting in its diversity," said Greg Scott, the founder and principal analyst for The Centient Biotech Investor, in a statement. "The companies we have selected as 'the most likely to succeed' run the gamut from Genentech and Amgen, solid, integrated companies with blockbuster drugs, strong earnings growth and extensive pipelines, to StemCells and Geron, highly speculative, momentum plays full of promise but as yet unproven."

"The one thing all of our Top 10 biotechs have in common is that we expect each of them to do well over the next twelve months. But biotech is a volatile industry, and a single disappointing clinical trial or major adverse advent can quickly turn a winner into a loser, so only time will tell," said Frank Eeckman MD, PhD, editor of The Centient Biotech Investor.

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