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Fax restrictions necessary

Re: "New state law could crimp fax practices," the Daily Transcript, Oct. 26, Source Code: 20051025tba

We are a small company. The main office has two employees. We have a shared main number (faxes and voice). In our business, the fax is used once or twice a month, so we can live with this arrangement. We have a second number in the office, which we use for outgoing calls. It works for us.

Most of the time we know when a fax is coming in from a customer or a supplier. During the course of the week we routinely forward the office phone to one of our cell phones. An unexpected incoming fax can be most disconcerting.

Any kind of unexpected/unwanted fax is a constant bother, regardless of whom it comes from. E-mails can be easily deleted. Anyone who really wants to reach us does so by e-mail. I process 30 to 50 e-mails a day. Probably 10 to 15 are junk e-mails, but with the flick of a key they are deleted. We can live with that.

Sometimes I consider removing the fax completely, but once in a while we need it.

-- Dick Hasselbring

President, Transport Data Systems

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