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Don't blame the innocents

The private sector is paid higher salaries for comparable jobs. City employees knew that going in, and made decisions to stay based on the benefit package. How do you give them back that time of decision?

Don't take it out on city workers that the politicians, seeking re-election, spent money that should have gone to the pension fund on city services demanded by a public unwilling to pay for those services. It is also not the employees' fault that the big-wigs negotiated deals that gave them extraordinary pension payouts. The average city worker is not reaping huge payouts and had nothing to do with the bargaining or the underfunding. They just did their job based on the salary and benefits agreed upon. If you take that away, how do you give back the hours of work already performed for what was promised?

Current city employees have already earned their promised salaries, raises and pension benefits.

Also, let's not forget to mention that city of San Diego employees do not pay into and will not collect Social Security benefits for years worked at the city. Instead, they have been paying into the city's pension fund while trusting that the city, their employer, would also pay into that fund. Somebody's getting ripped off and it's not the citizens of San Diego.

Let's not take this out on innocent city employees.

-- Ellen M Schauer


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