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Out of Harbor Club litigation, masterDOX emerges to boost efficiency, competitiveness for law firms

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Out of one of the largest civil litigations in San Diego Superior Court history, based on the number of law firms involved, a new legal technology and service company has emerged.

Designed to provide access to critical document management technology to law firms at affordable costs, masterDOX hosts caseDOX Web sites for legal cases where all documents are processed through high-end optical character recognition technology. This allows for instant reading and searching of the text of literally thousands of documents loaded onto the Web site.

Firms can find critical documents quickly and efficiently with caseDOX, and share document libraries with co-counsel, experts and even opposing counsel with appropriate firewalls and security protecting the work product of the firms. caseDOX also provides for the ability to summarize documents on the Web site, with information fields on a panel to the side of the depiction of the document for ease of summarization and coding.

"This provides the opportunity for users to leapfrog past existing technologies and software to the edge of the technology universe, utilizing the advantages of Web sites to avoid costly investment in hardware, software and information technology in favor of utilizing a service that charges for the service rendered and nothing else," said masterDOX President Dan Biggs. "No overhead investment expenses and no per user fee are incurred. Rather, only the actual cost of processing the documents in question and a nominal Web site setup fee and modest monthly storage cost are incurred by the firm."

Biggs said that caseDOX also greatly facilitates and expedites large litigations with moderate to high numbers of documents and saves both on copy expenses and employee time. It also allows for management of the litigation calendar and contact lists through the Web site, thereby providing for instantaneous communication with all the various individuals involved on behalf of a party.

Now, masterDOX has rolled out another exciting new product -- archiveDOX, which allows for efficient and inexpensive document archiving online through secure Web sites dedicated to a particular firm or company. As each company answers the question of how to traverse from paper storage to electronic storage, archiveDOX provides the 21st century answer to the horse and buggy paper storage industry.

About masterDOX

San Diego-based masterDOX provides Web-based digital document management services. The company's flagship product, caseDOX, provides secure storage of all case documentation for the legal industry, as well as the ease of searching the data in one robust electronic file from virtually anywhere that has an Internet connection. For more information on masterDOX, visit www.masterdox.com.

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