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The misconception regarding higher service

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How many times have you heard someone say, "If you want a higher level of service or better quality work it will cost you"?

There is a misconception that a higher level of service translates to higher fees. I disagree. A higher level of service means working smarter and more efficiently; that equates to less overall hours required to complete the services. What that means is lower fees to clients.

It isn't the number of hours spent on a project, but the quality of those hours. Employees at SB&O are taught that every hour charged to a job has to be justifiable and contribute to the finished product. We strive to hire employees directly out of college; this allows us the opportunity to provide fresh training to incoming staff. Here they learn our methods for providing the highest level of service. Through more than 40 years of being in the same general location and providing the same line of services, we have perfected the art of creating a service experience for clients -- high-level, quality service at a reasonably cost.

One aspect of providing a higher level of service is knowing and understanding the goals and objectives of your client. With this knowledge, you can align your services accordingly. Another aspect is knowing the governing agency's policies, procedures, design guidelines and most importantly, personnel. This will enable you to get from initial submittal to actual permit the quickest.

At SB&O, we all feel a sense of dedication and excitement to the work we do -- it isn't just a job. We all share the same belief -- that what we do matters and how we do it matters even more. We are willing to go the extra mile, and our clients recognize our level of care. It is our unifying mission that allows us to simultaneously do great work, have fun and make money.

A myriad firms provide civil engineering and surveying services, but it is the method and approach to providing these services that distinguishes SB&O from other companies. You hear this a lot -- "Under-promise and over-deliver." At SB&O, we apply this practice to everything we do. This is the single-most important practice in providing quality service. If you consistently follow this motto, as we do at SB&O, clients will learn to trust you -- and trust leads to long-lasting relationships.

SB&O focuses on building and maintaining relationships, employing good gardening practices so that firm employees are nurturing and feeding the strengths of the company. We have to be better, more efficient, and work harder to compete. Because we do - we are successful.

At SB&O, I try to challenge each and every employee to ask themselves the following question: "What can I do better for the client so that he will be happy and want to use us again?" By doing so, we create a continuous process of improvement for delivering quality service to clients.

Submitted by Peter "Randy" Safino, president and CEO of SB&O Inc.

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