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Public transportation fare increases begin Jan. 1

On Jan. 1, 2009, the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) will implement the second phase of fare increases that was approved in 2007 by the San Diego Association of Governments.

Fares on MTS Bus and Trolley services will be as follows:

* Adult monthly passes increase to $68 from $64.

* Youth monthly passes increase to $34 from $32.

* Senior/Disabled/Medicare monthly passes increase to $17 from $16.

* One-way cash fares on many MTS Bus routes will increase to $2.25 from $2.00; one-way cash fares for Senior/Disabled/Medicare on theses routers will increase to $1.10 from $1.00. One-way cash fares do not include a transfer between Bus routes or from Buses to Trolleys.

* Adult monthly passes for Premium Express Bus services remain at $90. New for this service will be Senior/Disabled/Medicare monthly passes at $22.50 and Youth monthly passes at $45.

Regional Day Passes remain at $5 for most MTS buses and all MTS trolleys, and $11 for Premium Express Buses. The $5 Regional Day Pass also replaces the Adult Day Pass for Sprinter and Breeze services operated by North County Transit District -- previously priced at $4.50.

A one-way cash fare for the trolley remains at $2.50 and includes transfers between trolley lines, but not from trolleys to buses.

Fares for Coaster service, which is operated by North County Transit District, will also increase on Jan. 1, 2009:

The first phase of the fare changes was implemented in January 2008. The increases are made necessary by reduced sales tax revenue and the state of California’s reduced allocation of money to public transportation services.

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