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Andy Berg

NECA executive brings more labor contracts, community involvement

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Andy Berg is a man that looks out for his contractors and for his community.

He looks out for the best interest of the people he represents, whether that's as executive manager for the National Electrical Contractors Association San Diego/Imperial County Chapter or as president of the Rancho Penasquitos Town Council.

As the executive director for NECA, Berg's top role is labor relations.

In 2009, he helped improve and develop NECA's labor relations with unionized electrical contractors by negotiating five labor agreements with local contractors without an arbitrator.

Berg and NECA were also able to offer, for the first and probably the only time, a 25 percent rebate on their members' dues in 2009 due to strong financial management of the association.

"This is not going to necessarily change whether somebody is in business or out of business, but hopefully it makes the holiday season a little more pleasant and shows (contractors) that we are kind of in this together," the three-year executive manager and eight-year NECA veteran said.

When not at his full-time job, Berg is actively serving his community.

This past year he was re-elected as the president of the Rancho Penasquitos Town Council. The group helps raise money -- and ideas -- to help the small community.

One of the most noteworthy things Berg said the council did in 2009 was start a neighborhood fire-watch with the help of San Diego Councilwoman Sherri Lightner's office, San Diego Fire Chief Javier Mainer and the Rancho Penasquitos Fire Safety Council.

"Rancho Penasquitos ... is very fire prone," Berg explained. "We've been lucky we didn't get hit by any of the two big fire storms that hit this past decade, but there is certainly the potential (for one) to happen anytime."

The council picked seven different vantage points around a huge canyon, where the community would have eyes around every part of the area.

"It's as simply as having binoculars and a cell phone," he said. "You see a flame; you see smoke; you see a spark; you see suspicious activity, kids playing with matches or whatever, you call 911."

The idea, Berg said, is to get the fire department to the area faster.

Aside from being president of the town council, Berg also chairs the Poway Unified School District's oversight committee for Proposition C, at the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce's Legislative and Small Business Advocacy Committee, and sits on the San Diego North Chamber of Commerce's Public Policy Committee.

* Video: Andrew Berg on his role with NECA

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