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Rep. Davis: Misinforming military 'not acceptable'

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angie smith 3:51pm March 24, 2010

Well it sounds to me that Dems are no different, they don't think they have to listen to us! i am not of either party but i still call our president "president obama" not obama. i heard today that the dems forgot to tell us that the kids will not be covered until when --2014? maybe no one but ms pelois knows for sure, maybe after she reads the BILL. oh i forgot her staff read it.

Bill Jemas 1:18pm March 24, 2010

Of course, we all know that the Republican Party has become the party of NO. Anything goes with Republicans these days: lies, threats, fears mongering, smears, etc, etc, etc

Brandon Wander 2:56am March 24, 2010

Bilbray's statement that "military benefits" will "be treated as if they're welfare" is meant to fan the flames of fear among military families. It's like Palin's wild claim that Obama's plan will create "death panels." Obama paid for his plan. Republicans simply wrote another bad check for their Medicare plan. Wall Street has voted with two big rallies. Republicans refuse to listen. They just scream "You Lie!" and "Baby Killer!"

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