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Real power resides in our mind

Recently, when conducting a series of seminars in the Washington, D.C., area, I stopped by to see the White House.

It was in 1790 that President George Washington decided that the federal government would reside in the District of Columbia. He worked with the French architect Pierre L'Enfante to design the city and specifically to choose the site at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for the White House, the president's house.

The cornerstone was laid in 1792 and the first president to move into The White House was John Adams with his wife Abigail in the year 1800.

The White House symbolizes POWER all over the world. It symbolizes real POWER.

Too many people in this day and age, with financial challenges, health challenges, and so forth, feel like they have lost their power.

It is my feeling that power does not reside outside of us. It doesn't matter what the government is doing, what the weather is doing, what the economy is doing, the real power resides in our mind -- the six inches between our ears.

Do you realize that is the only thing we have total control over? Our thoughts. So, it's not what happens. It's how we react. That's what my mother always told me: "It's not what happens. It's how we react. The choice is the reaction."

May I suggest that you turn those thoughts inwardly and declare positive affirmations of the way you want to see the world? Chances are that you will declare and receive more of the good things that could be coming toward you.

I believe that declaring the following affirmation, the first thing every morning and the last thing each night, for at least 30 days, will begin to help most anyone to re-take their power.

You are special. You are unique. You are destined for greatness. I see it in you -- you are a champion! Have a powerful day!

A power affirmation

I am in charge of my thoughts. I am a successful, powerful person.

Rauchwerger is a speaker, trainer, author and high-performance coach to CEOs. If you have a question or want to supercharge your company, contact him at 619-723-3007 or e-mail boaz.rauchwerger@sddt.com. Comments may be published as Letters to the Editor.

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