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Introducing the new smog-eating tile

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Smog-eating tile? No, not the tile that’s on the floor or in the bathroom, the tile roof that covers your home. It’s one of the latest green technologies to enter the roofing industry and it’s gaining quite a bit of attention, especially here in Southern California.

As smog from Los Angeles continues to creep its way south, San Diego is a prime market for this new, cutting-edge product. MonierLifetile/US Tile (now Boral Roofing) is the manufacturer and is teaming up with local certified roofing contractors such as RSI Roofing to install it, with the majority of the focus on Home Owners Associations (HOA) and other commercial projects.

Smog-eating tile incorporates a photocatalytic agent, titanium dioxide, to break down nitrogen oxide molecules and significantly reduce their impact on the environment. Nitrogen oxide is a major driver of air pollution and smog, generated from every burning process and present in a very high concentration in street traffic. Nitrogen oxide molecules can cause respiratory diseases, along with permanent damage to plants and trees. In one year, 2,000 square feet of the new tiles can destroy approximately the same amount of nitrogen oxide as a car produces from being driven 10,800 miles.

Smog-eating tile's ability to neutralize smog represents one way that American consumers can act to neutralize the harmful effects of air pollution and protect the environment. The World Health Organization estimates that 2.4 million people die annually of causes directly attributable to air pollution. While many Americans contribute to the problem through their dependence on petroleum products to run their automobiles, smog-eating tile can help erase the annual smog footprint they create running their cars, and thus help prevent smog-related illness and death.

RSI Roofing is excited to offer this revolutionary product to its HOA client base. Smog-eating tile is a great tool for property managers to use to draw tenants that are eco-minded and want to contribute to a more sustainable San Diego.

“We are extremely excited about this new product and what it can do for a cleaner San Diego,” said David Susi, president of RSI Roofing. “Boral adds another great product to our long-list of green roofing products and services.”

Smog-eating tile contains a specially prepared catalyst embedded in the upper part of the tile body. When exposed to sunlight, the catalyst speeds up the oxidization process, resulting in reduced pollution. The photocatalytic properties in the smog-eating tile are long-lasting and kind to the environment, with the added benefit of destroying organic substances that come into contact with the tile, such as algae and organic dirt. The dirt and algae are then rinsed off with rain.

For more information about smog-eating tile, contact RSI Roofing at 858-278-7200 or info@thinkrsi.com. Submitted by RSI Roofing

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