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Powering the medical industry

Advances in health and science are continually taking place, which can sometimes blur the boundaries of traditional disciplines. Neal Electric works to design and build health and science facilities accordingly, envisioning and fostering collaboration that promotes transparency and cooperation across the board.

Designs for science, research and teaching facilities provide flexible plans that can evolve to accommodate changes while creating a sense of community within the building that supports interdisciplinary pursuits.

It is a fact that the consistent care of medical patients requires proper and timely maintenance of vital electrical systems and regulators. The engineers and staff at Neal Electric have been trained to efficiently perform necessary tasks in healthcare environments without significantly disrupting patients, staff, or daily operations.

Regulations and requirements for medical facilities are constantly changing. To keep current, Neal Electric works diligently to maintain proper certifications and qualifications to ensure that every job is up to code and pursuant to safety guidelines.

Neal Electric’s core capabilities = Quality planning and implementation:

* Neal Electric is OSHA-compliant and well educated on all safety policies required within the medical market. * Strategic preparation enables Neal Electric to properly staff and plan for a smooth construction process with a highly skilled on-site crew, which is supported by accessible office staff. * Neal Electric personnel provide efficient service with little disruption to patients, staff and/or operations. * Working closely with their clients ensures that all work performed fulfills the desires of the end-users. * Open communication with all our building partners ensures maximum efficiency with minimal cost to the client.

Neal also uses BIM (Building Information Modeling) on every project. BIM is the process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle by encompassing the building geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, as well as quantities and properties of the building components.

This type of management is more practical and efficient as it eliminates many of the uncertainties that can be found during the construction phase, thereby allowing the contractor to fix problems during the design phase of the project so they do not occur during the actual construction phase.

Sharing this information with their building partners virtually eliminates on-site problems as it streamlines the design process and thereby allows the construction process to be managed more reliably, saving both time and money for the client.

Additionally, any changes during construction can be automatically updated to BIM. It is a win-win situation.

Some years ago, the Neal Electric team also saw a need to create what is now known as the “Neal Electric 101 Class.” This is an eight-hour course that helps to provide a clearer understanding of how and why they do what they do. It is an open class that will assist participants in becoming more effective in the management and coordination of their projects, while allowing them to better interface with the electrical sub-contractors.

With two office locations in San Diego and Los Angeles, visit NealElectric.com or call 858-513-2525 or 562-868-0470.

-Submitted by Neal Electric.

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