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Marines tell spouses clubs: Admit same-sex spouses

NEW YORK (AP) -- The Marine Corps has advised its legal staff that spouses clubs operating on its installations must admit same-sex spouses if they wish to remain on the bases.

It's a step that the other service branches have not yet announced as they grapple with how to accommodate same-sex couples following repeal of the don't ask, don't tell policy that barred gays and lesbians from serving openly.

Underscoring the challenges, the Marines' advisory _ obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press _ refers to an ongoing controversy at the Army's Fort Bragg in North Carolina where the officers' spouses club has denied admission to a same-sex spouse.

“We do not want a story like this developing in our backyard,” the Marines' memo says.

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Mustang Captain Fred E. Dutch White 12:02pm January 10, 2013

Sad. Sad, at best. If this is the Commandant's way of getting the Corps down to it's new projected size and composition, then I can pretty much guarantee you that it will have the results that I assume he is after. Many of our strong, outstanding Marines will be opting out of serving our Corps and country any longer, and I certainly don't blame them for making the decision; quitting the Corps so that the Commandant can make room for the gay Marines and their wives (or husbands, or whatever they call themselves nowadays). The degradation of the Corps over these last few years is a true shame. We might as well just merge them in with the Army and drop the anchor and fouled line. Yes sir, I sure do hope that general Amos is proud of himself. I feel nothing but shame for what he has done to our once very proud service.