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Consider the possibility

Let's be honest, does anyone really love their HOA? Since I'm 99 percent sure that your answer is, "no," I have one request: consider the possibility. Think of a community where everyone realizes they have the same objective in mind; a place where builders needn't worry they will eventually be sued, or where the owners aren't afraid that they are going to be taken advantage of.

Why not? We all know that San Diego is a friendly place, where people care about one another, their neighborhoods, and their community associations. Those in the HOA industry: residential homebuilders, land planners, management companies, and homeowners … Everybody wants high home values, financial stability, and a nice place to call home. It's time we acknowledged it!

At a time when any and all things negative about community associations grabs headlines, let's consider the possibility of changing perceptions. At NNJ, our goal is to get people talking about what is good about our communities, how we help each other, care about one another, and take care of association business with careful consideration and excellent service.

So how do you get there? There are many factors that help make this happen: careful selection of board members, educated homeowners, proper budgeting, and a clear vision for your community. Setting it up correctly from the start is essential, and the right management company can help to make your vision a reality. At NNJ, that's what we do, and it's what we've helped developers and communities do since 1971.

Plus, we believe that putting community back in your community association is serious business.

Think about it. Say your average home is worth $250,000. Multiply that times the 100 units in your community, and you're challenged with managing a $25 million non-profit corporation. Add to that California's myriad corporate codes, legal documents, and legislative hurdles like the Davis-Stirling Act, and you have a lot to think about. Is your average homeowner prepared to manage this as your board's president? As far as we are concerned, it's like buying a Ford and then being appointed president of Ford Motor Company.

NNJ can help. We can equip your homeowners to serve as directors, and help to develop a comprehensive vision for your community. We want you to love your HOA like our homeowners do. Understanding how your association operates, how to enhance values, how to protect assets and build a common vision, enables you to get your community started on the right foot. Just consider it.

Join us at our board orientation on January 30th to find out more about how to build the kind of community that everybody will love.


Written by Robert A. Felix, president and CEO of N.N Jaeschke, Inc.

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