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Critical strategies for critical environments

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Can your company operate without access to your electronic systems and data? What is the cost of low productivity, missed sales and lost confidential information when your data centers go down? A data center outage costs an organization an average of $5,000 per minute -- that's $300,000 in just an hour. The need to invest and focus on an organization's information technology infrastructure has never been more important and continues to gain the attention of executives across all industries. Critical environments need critical strategies.

Federal and industry regulations, coupled with increased reliability on electronic systems, continue to push data center demand to new heights. Annual data center construction is projected to grow to $20 billion in the United States and $80 billion globally by 2020. The balancing act of increased reliability and redundancy with lower operational cost is driving corporate users to reevaluate existing solutions. More and more end-users are migrating their data center operations to cost-effective markets and leveraging established data center suppliers as a way to control spending, drive consistency in space and product, and increase financial and operational flexibility.

Variables for critical environments and data center users include electricity costs, taxes and natural hazard risks. Electricity rates vary from market to market. Sales tax rates on server equipment can drive incremental costs down and certain states have no personal property tax. Earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters can increase subjectivity to downtime, which can cost millions in lost productivity. All of these aspects must be factored into a company's occupancy strategy.

The CBRE Critical Environment Practice can guide your company through the entire critical environment process from site location to local regulations and available incentives. Our capabilities are anchored by expertise in transaction, project and facility management of data centers including other facilities such as trading floors, call centers, operations centers, network facilities and disaster recovery sites.

At CBRE, we understand that your data centers and critical facilities are the backbone of your organization and we are committed to ensuring the right critical solution for your critical environment. For more information on the benefits CBRE's Critical Environment Practice can provide for your company, contact Kristina Metzger at kristina.metzger@cbre.com.


Written by Kristina Metzger of CBRE's Critical Environment Practice.

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