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Takeda California gives $5,000 to Scripps fundraiser

Takeda California announced Wednesday that it is making a gift of $25 for each of its roughly 200 employees, totaling $5,000, to Scripps Health in support of Scripps' The Beat Goes On fundraiser on Monday. Proceeds from the fundraiser will go to support Scripps’ state-of-the-art heart care program, according to a release.

Takeda California conducts research and designs new medicines to treat and cure heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer and inflammatory disease. Its scientists use technologies to create 3-D computer models of human proteins involved in the target disease and then use those models to invent new drugs.

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Susan Taylor 11:38am February 1, 2013

HUGE THANKS to Takeda California for helping us get closer to our goal and continue state of the art heart care at Scripps Health !! With much gratitude!!!!