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Voice Smart Networks provides customers with Virtual Hosted Office systems

Unified communications provider helps customers take advantage of cloud-based technologies

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With the future of business technology headed to the cloud, Voice Smart Networks, an industry leader in unified communications, is helping their customers make this transition. The company is providing its customers with Virtual Hosted Office systems designed to help small to mid-sized businesses take advantage of the latest in cloud-based technologies.

Cloud-based technologies are not only part of the future of technology, they have become an integral part of the present. Virtual Hosted Office systems provide secured access to company data and applications from anywhere in the world and small to mid-sized businesses are deploying this technology in order to remain competitive in today's economic environment. The driving forces behind this growth are increased profitability and enhanced IT infrastructure security.

Many small to mid-sized businesses have absolutely no need for on-site servers, and they can just as easily be hosted in the cloud for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, Virtual Hosted Office systems are continuously updated, which provides dramatic cost savings over purchasing and repurchasing servers. Furthermore, these systems provide all hardware and operating system upgrades necessary for proper server upkeep, which translates into reduced costs for business owners.

Virtual Hosted Office systems also bring an element of enhanced IT security to SMBs. Since systems are hosted off-site in multiple, excessively secure, "disaster-proof," 24x7x365 monitored, "bunker-style" facilities, companies are able to operate with much greater levels of security. Oftentimes they meet or exceed standards set in industries such as healthcare, financial, legal or others. For instance, Virtual Hosted Office Solutions are compliant with all HIPPA regulations, Sarbanes-Oxley and other security regulation laws as well.

Cloud-based technologies have revolutionized the way today's businesses function, and companies like Voice Smart Networks are adding value to their customers by introducing advanced technologies like Virtual Hosted Office systems.


Submitted by Dale Stein, CEO of Voice Smart Networks, 619-857-4638, dales@teamvsn.com

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