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Partner plans more Native Foods locations in San Diego

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Janet Hagen 3:06pm May 1, 2013

Visited your restaurant in Palm Springs and loved it - went back a second time. Not only great food, but very personable staff. We live in La Mesa a short distance from the village and would love to see one open there. Mission Valley is also just minutes away and very central. Glad you are expanding and will look forward to your new restaurants.

Grant Bentley 10:02pm February 21, 2013

Jada, Thanks for the interview with Daniel and I consider myself a fan of the chain after discovering it in Santa Monica and getting on the mailing list. Here's my question for Dan. While my wife and I are omnivores and enjoy the novelty of an informal vegan restaurant, I have a 9 year old daughter who is a finicky eater and is not ready to spend time with tofu. The Santa Monica location is right next to a Subway outlet. Innocently, we grabbed a plain turkey sub for our daughter in case our interest in discovering something new didn't meet her taste buds. When the branch manager found out we had a dead animal on our table, she pretty much treated us like smokers in a non-smoking space. Without making it official with a sign as you walk in, the prohibition of meat in the space becomes a shock to the mainstream first-time customer. It's not the customer that is weird, it's the restaurant concept that is weird and worthy of some refinement. Your thoughts?

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