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Architect Downes succumbs to injuries

Graham Downes

San Diego architect Graham Downes died Sunday as a result of injuries sustained in a fight early Friday morning, according to a release from his publicist. He was 56.

Officers said there was a party at Downes' home, and Downes and one of his employees confronted each other outside. Downes reportedly suffered major head and facial injuries. When officers arrived at Downes’ home on West Juniper Street, they found two men on the ground.

Downes owned the firm Graham Downes Architecture and several subsidiaries that fall under his “Blokhaus” brand, which encompass development and construction.

Downes is known for his contemporary, minimalist design, seen in the Hard Rock Hotel, the Basic restaurant and Thin bar downtown, and the Tower 23 hotel in Pacific Beach.

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Glenn Thomas 7:30am April 22, 2013

Many people in the architectural and design community would like to hear the whole story from a reputable source. Given the stature of Graham Downes, this article falls way short.

Mark Steele 6:42am April 22, 2013

What a tragedy this is. How could Graham's life be taken so pointlessly. He'll be remembered by his remarkable buildings, but his energy will always be missed by those of us able to be counted as friends. It's a horrible way for Graham to leave us, and a terrible loss. Thank you Graham for what you added to all our lives. We'll miss you.