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Pettit Kohn Ingrassia & Lutz PC

With a focus on doing work with San Diego businesses, Pettit Kohn Ingrassia & Lutz PC, a growing law firm with expertise in litigating and resolving civil matters in both state and federal courts, operates under the belief that legal counsel should act as a partner, not a vendor. The firm's continued success is built upon achieving great results for clients, developing long-term client relationships, and promoting teamwork and diversity amongst its employees.

Damian Dolin

David Halm

Andrew Kohn

Douglas Pettit

Grant Waterkotte

With a major spotlight on trial work, regional firm Pettit Kohn represents clients in the areas of Appellate, Business Litigation, Civil & Trial Litigation, Employment & Labor, Personal Injury, Product Liability, Professional Liability, Real Estate Litigation, Restaurant & Hospitality, Retail, Transactional & Business Services and Transportation. Pettit Kohn handles each case from the client's perspective and incorporates the client's goals and objectives into the case analysis and empowers the client to define what constitutes a successful outcome.

Always cognizant of time and money, Pettit Kohn does not litigate “just to litigate." Rather, the firm has a proven track record of helping clients achieve the results they want, efficiently and expediently. Should cases go to trial, the experienced team of Pettit Kohn attorneys have substantial trial experience and have achieved successful results by understanding the legal field and also the client's respective industry.

In contrast to the economy, Pettit Kohn has seen great growth since its inception seven years ago by continuing to provide quality individualized representation at a reasonable rate coupled with maintaining and attracting a phenomenal team of attorneys and staff. “People get excited to come to a firm that is growing," says Douglas Pettit, Shareholder/Vice President for the firm. The firm has grown from 17 employees to over 90 and is continuing to expand. Pettit Kohn knows that today's changing business landscape requires access to knowledgeable, experienced lawyers who can effectively collaborate with companies to protect their interests in litigation. Every client is different and the team at Pettit Kohn tailors the legal services needed by its clients to achieve their goals.

Pettit Kohn works with San Diego and Los Angeles businesses across all industries and helps them address their business needs, often before litigation occurs. Pettit Kohn understands that litigation is not how business leaders want to spend their time and Pettit Kohn's dedication and business acumen allows its clients instead to focus on what is important to them. Pettit Kohn has developed successful strategies for Fortune 100 companies, local restaurant groups and smaller businesses.

Another branch of Pettit Kohn's local involvement includes their support of community outreach programs which better the educational, environmental and health opportunities of our region. Many of the firm's employees are encouraged to participate in local charities and education programs. The experience gained can then be applied to clients. Additionally, Pettit Kohn sponsors activities which help reduce the carbon footprint through the preservation and protection of the environment.

11622 El Camino Real #300 | san Diego, CA 92130 | (858) 755-8500 | www.pettitkohn.com

~ By Jada Thomas, The Daily Transcript

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Tamara Pettit 11:11am May 3, 2013

Great article! PettitKohn not only provides quality legal representation, but exemplifies diversity in employment and exhibits a true commitment to its community. Tamara Pettit West Virginia

inga Kohn 11:54am May 1, 2013

Thank you for such a great article - Jon, my husband and I, are so proud of our son Andrew Kohn and his great team! Mrs. Inga Kohn