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Providing superior technology starting from the ground up

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It’s a new age, a new millennium, and it was time for a new way of thinking. With many technology companies becoming dinosaurs in their own industry.

What was it that GST saw? It was the fact that technology was no longer changing in a matter of years, but now in a matter of a single year -- or less. And the one single common denominator in those changes was integration.

“It all ties together now, everything, it all needs power, it all networks, and it all needs to communicate properly," said Jennifer Erler, CEO/President of GST. "It’s not just about employee’s PC’s anymore. It’s about lights, telephones, servers, thermostats, electronic shades, Audio/Video systems, apps, smart building technology -- it’s about them working properly and operating from different devices, as well as one central control system."

How many companies and employees does it take? To manage and monitor a network 24/7, provide desktop support, run power to a new device, bring new communication lines, provide a fully networked and integrated phone system, have all the safe guards in place so that your companies most valuable asset -- it’s information -- is protected, and not lost, stolen, or erased? Do you have one person within your company holding the “keys to the kingdom?”

“Believe it or not, many companies do, and we have seen it all," said Greg Roberts, director of GST’s IT division. "From something as tragic as a sudden death from the head of an IT department, to disgruntled malicious employees trying to sabotage from within while already having one foot out the door.”

Before, the answer to that question was: What? Four, eight, or maybe even 10?

Well now, the answer is one. GST is all of that, and more. GST has partnered with the likes of Microsoft, Cisco, Crestron, ShoreTel, Sony, Polycomm, Dell, just to name a few.

It’s now one phone call, one company, one point of contact, all with a highly trained staff.

Come find out what we’re all about: iGST.com; 1-855-GST-GST1.
A WBE/DBE/SBE company.

-Submitted by Ground Service Technology.

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