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SDAR mediation center resolves range of real estate issues

Buyers and sellers may not know this, but the standard form used in residential home sales in California includes a clause that requires the buyer and seller to agree to mediate any dispute arising out of their transaction.

San Diegans who find themselves in such a transaction dispute can turn to SDAR, home to the Real Estate Mediation Center, which has been resolving commercial and residential real estate conflicts for 23 years.

Mediation is inexpensive and typically a quick process. The resolution comes from the parties themselves, under the expert guidance of a mediator. SDAR's mediation center counts several highly respected real estate attorneys among its mediators. All of them are committed to impartiality and objectivity, and specially trained in dispute resolution.

Once a client chooses to use the mediation center -- which is open to all members of the public, and real estate professionals and attorneys -- knowledgeable and highly skilled staff members will help with every step of the process, including filing the mediation, contacting all parties, selecting a mediator, and scheduling the mediation conference.

"Mediation is an excellent process for resolving a problem in our industry," said Leslie Kilpatrick, president of the Greater San Diego Association of REALTORS® (SDAR). "It's professional, and the goal is to ensure that all parties are thoroughly heard, satisfied with the results, and treated fairly."

Mediation can resolve a range of issues unique to the real estate industry, such as contract disputes, non-disclosure, boundary lines, easements, deposit disputes, construction defects, commissions, HOA, or land use disputes. It is important to remember that choosing mediation over lengthy court proceedings is likely the last opportunity for the parties to have some control over the outcome. It allows the parties to achieve a "win-win" outcome, as opposed to the winner-and-loser scenarios associated with litigation. Another advantage of mediation is that it is a private and confidential process; the discussions and agreements resulting from the mediation are not part of a public record as they are in litigation.

Buying a home should be a stress-free, enjoyable experience; but should a conflict arise, all parties have a valuable asset in the Real Estate Mediation Center.

Submitted by the Greater San Diego Association of REALTORS®

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