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What the S+ has to say

Here are sample messages that the S+ delivered:

Sleep trick (morning advice)

“There was a burst of noise in your room last night, but it didn't seem to wake you. If noise becomes a problem, one trick that helps some people sleep is "paradoxical intention." To use this sleep technique, simply close your eyes and try to stay awake. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it works.”

Alcohol disturbs your sleep

“Drinking large volumes of alcohol is known to increase the number of times a person wakes during the night. It also increases light sleep in the second half of the night. This may be the reason why you woke a lot last night.”

Keep the sun out (morning advice)

“Your deep sleep was a bit short last night, perhaps because the temperature around you was higher than normal. Whenever possible, close your bedroom windows, curtains and blinds during the day to keep the heat of the sun from warming the air inside the room.”

Keep cool in the pool (evening advice)

“To get a better night's rest in hot weather, take a cool shower or go for a swim in a cool pool right before bed to reduce your body temperature.”

Tweak to raise sleep score

“Your room temperature was a little high last night. A hot room can disturb your sleep, especially during the REM cycle, when the body loses some ability to control its temperature. Although we didn't pick up on any big issues, cooling your room may raise your sleep score.”

RX: Exercise

“Did you know that exercising even once a week greatly lowers your chance of having a sleep problem? In fact, exercise is so effective that many doctors prescribe physical activity as a treatment for their patients suffering from insomnia or other severe sleep disorders.”

Sleep fact: Caffeine and brain waves

“Drinking coffee during the day can seriously reduce the effectiveness of your sleep. It does this by altering certain brain waves the brain emits during sleep. One of these, delta waves, contributes to the effectiveness of your body charge. If you want to feel more physically refreshed from sleep, lower your caffeine intake.”

Practice relaxation

“You've told us that you're stressed during the day. Learning how to de-stress is like developing a muscle. The more you learn to relax, the better you become at it. Give yourself some time during the day to relax and you may sleep more soundly at night.”

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