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The Daily Transcript to close in September

Sadly after almost 130 years of operation, The Daily Transcript/San Diego Source will print its last newspaper on Sept. 1 and cease operations on Sept. 21, 2015.

The changing publishing paradigm has made the maintenance of a news organization of the size and scope represented by The Daily Transcript/San Diego Source in a market of San Diego’s size problematic. While many cost savings measures have been initiated in the past, including the enthusiastic embrace of rapidly changing technology, producing the daily news, data and information for which the company is known requires a relatively large number of employees with related support systems. Increasing overhead, health care costs and the uncertain future of the news industry dictate that the company is no longer a viable business.

William Revelle, chairman, extends his thanks and appreciation to all the employees who over the years have contributed to the high level of reporting of local San Diego news and information that is the hallmark of the organization. The many achievements of the company are widely recognized within the community and reinforced by countless awards for excellence by journalistic professional groups. Employees have been responsible for producing a news product and related services of great value to our loyal readers, subscribers and users. You have our eternal gratitude as well.

The last issue will roll off our press at 2131 Third Ave. on Sept. 1, 2015, and before then, we are going forward with all our major projects, including Top Attorneys and Soaring Dimensions. The 21-year-old, award-winning, subscription-based website will linger for awhile longer, probably fading first to gray and one day in the future going to a 404 message.

We hope a local university or library will accept the donation of our past editions and possibly even the web database so the news, data and information from the past can be a resource for future San Diego researchers and business people.

It has been a great ride, one more time, our sincere thanks to our employees, and the many advertisers and subscribers who have supported us during the last 130 years.

-- Robert L. Loomis


The Daily Transcript & San Diego Source

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Michael J. Flood 12:00am July 23, 2015

As a long-time subscriber - first of the print edition, then online - I'm truly sorry to lose this valuable business resource for me personally and the San Diego community at large. Thanks for the ride... One question - how long will you continue the online edition of SDDT and maintain the related databases? 

Scott Dreher 12:00am July 23, 2015

That is sad news. I've been reading this paper since 1983 and I will miss it (yes, even Larry Stirling's columns!)

George Hawkins 12:00am July 22, 2015

Mr. Loomis, Mr. Chamberlin, Mr. Sherwin and all involved, you have set a journalistic standard of integrity and excellence that may be matched but will not be exceeded.

Glenn Grant 12:00am July 22, 2015

Very sad to hear this. I was fortunate to have been a part of its history for two years. You will be deeply missed. A lot of great people will be looking for jobs now, and I wish them all the best.

D. Kinseth 12:00am July 22, 2015

This is a damned crime and a shame. I understand the business and economic reasons for pulling the plug of course. Still, you gotta hate to see a landmark and a great resource fade to 404.

M. Paa 12:00am July 22, 2015

I'm sad to see the SDDT go. I no longer live in San Diego, but I still check it regularly. Best of luck to all involved.

Jennifer Jensen Chatfield 12:00am July 22, 2015

This is sad news for the San Diego business market and for the dedicated and talented employees at SDDT. For more than 20 years, I have read and admired your paper for being a go-to source for San Diego business news and detailed, thought provoking articles on San Diego's growth and future. Sad news indeed. Your efforts and coverage will be missed.

Jada Thomas-Price 12:00am July 22, 2015

I worked at the Transcript for a little over 6 years. I learned countless lessons, made lifelong friends and will remember my time at this publication fondly.

Jordan 12:00am July 22, 2015

Very sad news. Was any effort made to sell the business? Berkshire Hathaway has been active in acquiring local newspapers and it would be great to see SDDT as part of that organization.

John Casey 12:00am July 22, 2015

I will really miss this newspaper. As a real estate guy, I love the RE briefs section. I also read the Construction section and the editorials. It is my favorite paper over the UT and WSJ! The only database remaining weill be Costar. John

Laura Walcher 12:00am July 22, 2015

Sad news, not unexpected - !! Thanx for years of objectively, respectfully covering my public relations agency, our clients, running my op-eds, and keeping us broadly informed.

Barbara Metz 12:00am July 22, 2015

This feels like a death in the San Diego business community. During my 30+ years in PR in San Diego, I didn't always get the story I wanted, but I made a slew of lifelong friends. Thank you, Gary Shaw, Joe Guerin, Tim McClain, Richard Spaulding, Thor Biberman, Carlos Rico Bill Burris, Janet Lowe, Manny Cruz, Jada Thomas-Price and Sue Belmonte. And those are just at the tip of my tongue. This paper and its staff has made an indelible mark on the life and well-being of San Diego.

Ann 12:00am July 22, 2015

So sorry to see your excellent publication close! SDDT has been my daily read for both world and business news.