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Maintaining a property begins with a good plan

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Lucinda Hoe

Anything of value requires care to maintain its value and usefulness. For instance, vehicles require regular maintenance, whether it’s an oil change, tune-up or tire rotation. If we’re smart we are all taking good care of our bodies by eating properly, exercising and visiting our physicians for annual check-ups. Maintaining a building, residential complex or community association is no different. Potential buyers and residents want to know that their investment in a residence, retail or office space is being protected. Protection begins with a good maintenance plan.

Good maintenance plans begin with an inventory of the components to be maintained. The inventory should include manufacturer information such as model number, serial number and other item details as applicable. Many manufacturers recommend maintenance programs to ensure long-term usefulness of the equipment, similar to a maintenance schedule for an automobile. Local, state and federal regulations require components like elevators and backflow devices to be inspected regularly by certified professionals to ensure the devices and their safety features are in good working order.

Keep in mind that all components have a useful lifespan, and at some point they will need to be replaced. Once you’ve replaced a component, adjust the maintenance schedule. Reviewing the manufacturer’s recommendations and regulations will help you construct a good maintenance plan. Your inventory must also include more than just the mechanical components on a property. Don’t forget about the roof, gutters, drains, fences, ponds, fountains, pools and landscaping. All of these items need maintenance to ensure their full, useful lifespan.

Once you’ve created your inventory and reviewed the maintenance requirements, it’s time to generate a schedule of maintenance tasks for each component. The last step is to implement the plan using trained professionals who understand the components they are maintaining. Evaluate your maintenance plan every few years to ensure it’s still effective. Constructing a good maintenance plan can become an overwhelming process, but it is essential to protecting and preserving your investment for years to come.

As a full-service property maintenance provider and part of Associa, the largest international management and lifestyle provider, Associa OnCall understands what goes into a maintenance plan. We know from experience that creating and implementing a good one requires a team of experts. It’s the principle that we were built on. Associa OnCall (formerly know as NNJ Property Services) has been providing property services to builders, community associations and residents in San Diego since 1971. We are a team of management professionals, facility specialists and experienced tradesman in rough and finish carpentry, stucco, drywall, electrical, painting, cleaning services and landscaping, all under one roof.


Lucinda Hoe, CMCA® is the Executive Vice President of Property Services at AssociaOnCall in San Diego. She is a licensed California General Contractor with the state license board. As the industry leader in community management, Associa proudly serves 2 million households every day. With a wide array of programs to fit your specific needs, we help bring superior results to your community. Are you looking for a forward planning partner for your new community? Contact Lucinda at (858) 795-7093 or lhoe@associaonline.com.

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