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50-year career took a rewarding turn

Executive Editor George Chamberlin

If asked 50 years ago, when I was beginning my broadcasting career, if I would ever be the executive editor of a business news organization like The Daily Transcript and San Diego Source, I would have said absolutely not.

After all, finance and investing were the last things on my mind. But a couple of stops along the way, five years as administrative assistant for a California senator and 15 years learning my money skills at Merrill Lynch, helped move me in a different direction.

So I seized the opportunity to get back to my basics on the radio as a financial journalist, a career I still embrace, also provide money reports for NBC 7 here in San Diego, and best of all, become associated with The Daily Transcript|San Diego Source. Publisher Bob Loomis has given me the opportunity to expand my career in ways I never expected.

There is something special about a newspaper newsroom. The frantic pace of a radio or television newsroom is exciting and often spontaneous. However, the craft of creating words for print or online is significantly different. And working with reporters and editors who have those special skills is exciting in its own way.

But even more special has been the opportunity to be in the community representing a publication held in high regard by business and community leaders.

The relationships developed between The Daily Transcript|San Diego Source and institutions like the Fermanian Business & Economic Institute at Point Loma Nazarene University and the Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate at the University of San Diego have also created business and personal friendships I will carry for years.

The same can be said for the many chambers of commerce, real estate associations and other business organizations throughout San Diego County.

But perhaps the best part of my job has been moderating the many roundtable events at the Daily Transcript, bringing together industry and community leaders for open and informative discussions. It is through these events that people have learned about the organization, allowed myself and the reporters to interact with participants, and provide a forum for open discussions.

I always walked away from a roundtable more aware of the businesses in our community, as well the great entrepreneurs leading San Diego into the future.

The news that this will be the last issue of the printed Daily Transcript produced under the direction of Loomis and the Revelle family has brought responses from far and wide.

What's happening here is not unique. Social media has changed the news industry and, in my opinion, not for the better. Through our website, the San Diego Source, this publication has led the way in providing online in formation and services above and beyond the printed page. The awards received by the people behind San Diego Source speak to its excellence.

At a speech recently before the Carlsbad Rotary Club, I was questioned about the decision to ultimately shut down the company. Rather than be morose about the situation, I simply celebrated the wonderful experience and reminded folks I am not going away, keeping busy on radio and TV.

I will continue to contribute articles and video interviews on the San Diego Source at sddt.com for the next few weeks. But, to be sure, I will deeply miss my friends and colleagues at The Daily Transcript|San Diego Source as well as the many people who have become part of our extended family.

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Cheryl Toland 12:00am September 1, 2015

George, I can't begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed following you on the San Diego Daily Transcript over the years. I have always relied on your steady hand in reporting on the market and your ability to parse through the excitability of economic news to present a balanced view of the economy and the market. Thanks so much and best of luck moving forward! Best Regards, Cheryl Toland

Lynn Reaser 12:00am September 1, 2015

George: You are a true icon. Thank you for all of the care, kindness, and wisdom you have imparted to all of us. We value your ability to be an anchor and provide a safe harbor amidst market turbulence and world turmoil. We cannot survive without you playing that central role. Thank you for your continued work of excellence in whichever media channels best suit you. Best wishes, Lynn