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Are all clouds created equal?

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Cloud computing is fast becoming the method adapted by businesses in all fields to run their information technology and data processing requirements.

With a well-implemented cloud technology and strategy platform, companies are able to harness the full potential of cloud computing, reaping the benefits of scalability, agility, cost savings, and automation. If your business hasn't yet evaluated the merits of using cloud computing it is highly recommended further investigation and trialing a cloud service organization which offers the benefits listed below.

Once the decision is made to start looking at Cloud Technology as the right solution – how does a business owner selects the right cloud company for its needs?

Not all Clouds are created equal.

Cloud Technology service providers must be able to demonstrate their capabilities by giving you a tour of their data centers. It is imperative that you know where your data is, how secure the data center is, how it is built to sustain natural and man made disasters. Major data centers must have generators and water supply to continue normal operations and cool down the systems for a minimum of one week.

They also must have physical and very strict access security measures protocols and procedures to meet your approval.

In that visit it is also critical to know how many and which Internet carriers are being supported by the data center – in the event that one or more carriers fail – you must know that there is an instant backup failover plan.

True Cloud computing companies make heavy investments in locating their equipment in such centers and building redundancy between more than one center rerouting data in the event of disaster.

Service Level Agreements (SLA) are important to look at as well. Experience and solid Cloud service providers will guarantee 24x7 99.9999 percent connectivity.

Support is critical. You will need support. Look for companies that provide MANAGED cloud service and have the in-house support team to provide you what you need when you need – that is 24x7 technical supports by engineers who are familiar with your company.

Experience in your particular field is important but not critical. Cloud companies that specialize in the Legal Field, finance or healthcare vertical markets will provide shorter implementation, training end users and better on-going support and cut the costs of application support for companies in the related fields. However, the emphasis needs to be on the technical strength of the Cloud Technology company you selected. They can bring in additional consultants for your particular applications as required.

Internet connectivity at your offices is a critical element and many of the better Cloud Service providers will insist on having a fast and reliable connection and should be able to provide you with alternatives to ensure good experience and happy users. A managed Cloud service company which partners with all major internet service providers such TW Telecom, Time Warner communication and Verizon will be able to provide the guidance required in this aspect as well.


Submitted by Orie Rechtman CEO of 4Service Cloud Technology, Southern California's leading Managed Cloud Technology Services, Legal Cloud Experts, outsourced IT, Disaster Recovery and Backup and restoration solutions. Rechtman explains the value of Managed Cloud Solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. For more information call 818-465-1295 or email to sales@4service.com

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