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Charco Design & Build makes inroads with new business focus

In 2011, the owner of Charco Design & Build Inc., Armando Flores, took his love for lines to a new level when the company made for itself a new and more elaborate foundation from the building blocks of what Flores had been doing for years at Charco Construction Co. Inc.

The workings of Flores’ mind have been apparent to anyone who had seen his work prior to the new company’s creation. A 1989 graduate of Platt College with a degree in architectural design, Flores brings to his game something not always seen in heads or architectural firms: a keen sense of interior design, which he bolstered alongside his degree work through online classes.

For him, it’s about the creation of the space.

“I like the design aspect of it, you know,” Flores said. “It's just being proud of something you designed.”

Despite having a flair for the fancy, Flores isn’t one to turn down smaller projects when they fall in his area of expertise, and he appears to have a knack for creating something big from modest beginnings.

“This type of work is not something that one day after another you decide to do just high-end jobs,” Flores said. “It takes a lot of patience.”

It can also take a lot of time. In describing the relationships he's built through the years with his clients, he recalled the times when he was on certain jobs for months, and how it’s impossible to not develop a close bond with his clients when he sees them day after day, as he would his own family.

It's Flores’ ability to meld his architectural knowledge with his grasp of interior design and innate vision that sets Flores apart from the rest in the remodeling world, his colleagues said.

Even though he has a core group of associates and interior designers around town that he turns to regularly as projects roll in, being a company owner doesn't keep Flores from pouring himself into each project undertaken. Taking pride in being a part of the process, Flores said that designing something that fits the budget of the client while achieving what the client wants is of the utmost importance.

Flipping through the pages of Flores' recent remodels lays that passion out on the table.

One client, whose remodel consisted of razing a Point Loma oceanfront home and replacing it with Flores' design, had Flores design for him an artistic combination of changes that included a bamboo stairway free of supports, a barrel-vault ceiling, a shower with multi-directional sprayers and what ended up as a melding of two ideas for the kitchen, since the client couldn’t choose one over the other.

Though planned for some time and actually given a name in 2011, Charco Design & Build officially did business for the first time in early 2012 after Flores qualified for his general contractor's license. He’s been expanding creations into seemingly different dimensions around San Diego ever since, and sees the new venture as something he’d like to pass on to the next generation of Flores when he’s had his fill.

But a few minutes with Flores suggests a full relinquishing of the reins would be a long time off. A self-described lover of fine art and old Ferraris, Flores’ love for the lines is hard to escape when looking at his architectural work, let alone his side project as the creative director for the San Diego Collection — a collection of rare and exotic cars.

“I think between the architecture, the art and the art of cars, everything has almost the same lines,” Flores said.

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