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Tapping your human resources

Regulatory and legislative changes are a constant when it comes to managing staff and employees. And California has the reputation of being in the forefront of many of these changes, which adds further complications for employers. It is a near impossible task for any one individual to keep up with the current requirements without spending a huge portion of their time. Failure to keep up can unwittingly result in fines or audits which can be expensive, time consuming and disruptive.

Even organizations with departments full of Human Resource (HR) managers look to outside resources to filter through the vast amount of information to identify the correct course of action. Over 2,000 HR professionals in San Diego alone belong to SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management. Local chapter events provide Legal and Regulatory updates, peer feedback, professional growth and development and networking events.

When legislation affects virtually every employer in a state, it is a waste of resources if every employer needed to interpret the law and develop processes for managing compliance. SHRM resources at the local, state and national level develop analysis, white papers, forms, templates, web content and seminars to help employers stay in compliance and up to date.

"Staying current on frequent legislative changes while simultaneously running a business can be daunting at times," according to Natasha Arthur, Director of HR of CaVU Consulting and President of San Diego SHRM. "Smaller organizations with an HR Department of one, find SHRM resources invaluable, particularly when assessing risk and when in need of a sample policy."

Over 300 HR professionals recently attended a "Law Day" event hosted by San Diego SHRM to hear updates by various law firms and HR leaders from ESET, PetCo, Ace Parking, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute and others. Exposure to experts enabled attendees to quickly assess how best to integrate relevant changes in regulation within their organizations strategic objectives.

While the internet is a voluminous source of information today, seeking the proper answers can be time consuming and when assessing risk context is imperative. Federal and state employee specific mandates and requirements will result in employers ultimately incurring more costs per employee. Equipping your HR team with all the resources available through SHRM will enhance an employer’s ability to obtain the highest return on their investments in the human resource. For more information go to www.SDSHRM.org


Written by Mike Sick for San Diego SHRM

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