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Pratt & Whitney engine maker leaving San Diego

Engine maker Pratt & Whitney is leaving San Diego at a cost of 530 jobs, consolidating its operations as defense spending contracts.

The defense contractor announced Thursday that it plans to close its AeroPower facility in San Diego over the next two years. AeroPower makes auxiliary power units for military and commercial airplanes.

The company says the move is needed to maintain competitiveness.

AeroPower's military business will move to Pratt & Whitney's Military Engines organization. The company is considering relocating operations to existing facilities in Florida, Georgia and Texas.

The commercial side will go to Pratt & Whitney Canada, with much of the actual work being done in Poland.

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Robert C. Leif 5:56pm May 20, 2014

One has to ask if terribly flawed Barrio Logan Community Plan Update indicated to the defense contractors and other members of the business community that the City had a greater interest in affordable housing than providing well paying jobs? The argument that the defense contractors were the source of the air pollution was unsubstantiated. There is solid evidence that the air pollution is in large part due to diesel truck exhaust.