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Hospitals leery of some tech innovations

Although a growing niche of health-tech companies in San Diego is creating new technologies aimed at improving patient care, that will not mean much unless there are major changes in the culture at hospitals, clinics and medical research centers, according to participants at a Daily Transcript executive roundtable this week.


New era of growth for electrical contractors

A few years ago, when Andy Berg first sat down with The Daily Transcript for an executive roundtable discussion, the mood was gloomy but there was hope for a better future.


New waves in construction: Prefabrication, modeling

Construction companies are doing more with less, which has led some of the more established contractors to be cautiously optimistic about the industry’s challenges moving forward, according to public and private sector executives at a recent roundtable discussion held at The Daily Transcript.


Re-entry homebuyers find a changed market


Law firms reluctant to revamp office settings


Manufacturers compete over shrinking labor pool


Corporate mindset shifts from efficiency to innovation


Innovate 78 officials welcome growth in North County


Charities shift tactics to draw young donors


Small-business lending focusing on speedier process

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Roundtable Videos

Interview with CBRE's Mike Hoeck

June 29, 2015 -- George Chamberlin and Mike Hoeck, a first vice president with CBRE, discuss how changes in the legal industry and the work environment affect law office space