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California | Tue, Feb 5, 2013

Lawmakers in at least 11 states are looking at plans to restrict the use of drones over their skies amid concerns the unmanned aerial vehicles could be exploited to spy on Americans.

Members of California's highest court expressed skepticism Tuesday over claims that the state's medical marijuana laws prohibit local governments from banning storefront pot shops.

The San Diego Stock Exchange Index closed higher Tuesday at 137.67, up 0.9 percent from Monday. Advancing issues beat decliners 71 to 27, and 142 issues were unchanged.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is going American in a big way by setting the next national election seven months from now. The record length of the campaign is bad news for her opponent, Tony Abbott, and may be even worse for the nation’s 23 million people.

Can the Defense Department overrule the U.S. Supreme Court? Can the Boy Scouts of America? The short answer is: Of course not. But a full response turns out to be more complicated, and it offers a lesson for thinking about the relationship between constitutional law and the evolving nature of rights.

One of two men struck by a commuter bus in West Hollywood has died and the other remains in critical condition.

Court documents reveal that a Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy who shot and killed a mentally ill woman won't face criminal charges.

Merced County officials say a two-year-old boy has died after his grandmother gave him what she thought was a bottle of water to drink, but the bottle actually contained a cleaning solution.

Coroner's officials say the seven people killed when a tour bus crashed with two vehicles on a mountain highway in Southern California were five women, a man and a boy.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris and prosecutors in eight counties are suing oil company BP over alleged environmental violations involving the underground storage tanks at 780 Arco stations.

The Southern California leader of a heroin trafficking ring has been sentenced to 14 years in federal prison.

Two men are dead after their car flipped on Highway 1 near California's Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

California Republican lawmakers want federal prosecutors to investigate nearly $4 million placed in a Cal Fire off-budget account.

Another California city is suing the state Finance Department for refusing to return former redevelopment agency funds.

How many Hispanic members are there in Congress? Turns out narrowing it down to one number is not easy.

A federal appeals court has upheld a damage award of nearly $5 million against the union that represents most California prison guards.

California's attorney general has filed a lawsuit against debt rating agency Standard & Poor's, claiming it inflated its ratings of certain investments, costing the state's public pension funds and other investors billions of dollars.

A Northern California man who lost his eyesight to diabetes has refused to give up on his lifelong love of athletics.

An investigation into the fatal shootings of a sheriff's deputy and locksmith during an eviction in Northern California has found the Sheriff's Department was aware the suspect had assault rifles and surveillance cameras.

Concerned the Superdome might not be able to handle the energy needed for its first Super Bowl since Hurricane Katrina, officials spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on upgrades to decayed utility lines, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press. The improvements apparently weren't enough, however, to prevent what ended up being an embarrassing and puzzling 34-minute power outage during the third quarter of the game between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

Big changes are in store for the nation's forests as global warming increases wildfires and insect infestations, and generates more frequent floods and droughts, the U.S. Department of Agriculture warns in a new report.

Authorities say three men have been found dead in a rural Sonoma County home.

Tue, Feb 5, 2013